Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Beautiful Girl ,PrefectLo,& Beautiful You Lo

This is apart of the other two lo's I 'did my Piglet is so cute.She was at the doctor office on some of these lo's.She dont cry when her brother stay home lol.He make her cry when he see needles.I' cant blame him though Granny is hate's shots too.


Angie said...

Great Layouts. she is too cute. I like that princess paper is it? cute. How are you doing this monday? I is your tooth? That pain must hurt. I hope your feeling better. we are good. just here.Lazy day today. Iam due in May. we are having a Girl. I think we are nameing here Isabella. Only name i came up with.I like it. Well girl you have good one. tlak to you later.

Kay said...

Hey Girl, your blog is looking great. I know I have been MIA but my laptop screen burnt out months ago, but I am getting a new one before the month is over God willing. I see you are on the scrapbeach, I am too look me up!


PS I have a new blog!