Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Mom's flowers & Outing

These are my two sons Dre & Dee.Mom flower's are so pretty.We miss her so much....

Omg not again!!!

Well every time I' try to get back to bloggin' and scrappin.Here goes some bad news with my health again!!! Now I've been hit with another blow of bad news.The doctors have found a spot on my lung.I' went Thursday for a C-Scan.I' pray it is nothin'.And to add to that I' have joint disease.I' have been really tired lately with no energy.Last weekend I' spent the whole weekend in bed feeling like crap.This week have been a lil better thank God.I' did even get chance to post my Mother's Day Gift's & outing.Me and my two son's went out to eat,I' wish everyone could have been there.My daughter and her family was missing and so was Ty & Jada.We went to mom grave and put flowers on her and my aunt.Okay this week Ty had a award ceremony.He got a award for best speller YEAH!!! TYLER...Now we have to attend my grandson Montray graduation next week he will be a 1st grader next year CONGRAT'S!!! to him also.