Friday, April 21, 2017


I' picked this up a couple of months ago online at rolling cart to me is way better then the one everyone rave about at Ikea & Michaels. It has a skirt for extra,extra storage. And I' think it's a better choice lol


Here are a few things I' found at Hobby Lobby. Look at the coffee, ice cream & little feet they are so pretty.I' have to pick up some more soon.This line by The Paper Studios. Check you local Sunday papers or every Sunday for discounts. I ' will try to keep you posted on when they are on sale. But incase I'm not able to you have the link.

' Picture Frames '

I' also found these two picture fames for $2.95 at Burlington.The white one has gold trimming and a whitewash look.


Look what I' found at Burlington I' am so loving these cuties. They were a reasonable price also. The large towel I' think was $7.99 and the hand towel was $2.99 the face towel was $1.99. I' turned the smaller on over so you can see the back side of them. They are very soft too.


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Thursday, April 20, 2017

'I'm still alive!!!.'

Hello ladies hope you all been fine.I' feel  so funny bloggin' now lol,it's been a min since I' blogged.And sooo much have happen since I've been gone.all kinda new product's have came out.And so many of you have joined design teams  & ect.Some of us even have new family members to scrap.