Wednesday, July 27, 2011


HELLO WORLD!! Hello everyone or anyone out there.I' m tryin to make a comeback to the blogworld.I've been gone sooo long it feels weird bloggin' now lol.I' really miss my blog friends and sharing and peekin at ur's lol.I' have made several layouts lately.That I' cant wait to share,I' hope you like them.And give me some feedback,all in the same order haha.I' have brought a lot of new goodies also.I' have some pics and video of them also.I' CANT wait to get back to bloggin' regular.I' have purchase a new laptop so I' can lay in bed and scrap when I'm in swollen & in discomfort.But I' still swell up and now my neck hurts using the laptop too long omg what 's next lol.I'm also in the process of transferring my stuff over to my lap from desk.Which is takin' 4 ever,I' didn't realize how much digital scrap stuff I' have omg.I' have to go back to websites and redownload kit's I' have purchase.Some kits are so large they take so long to download.I' have slowed down on buyin 4 a while.I' have ran out of room in my cubical of a bedroom.I'm in the process of moving soon.I' will redo my scrap area then with jet max's or ect.I' pray I' can have a scraproom.Or a bigger place to have a scrap area,wish me luck yall.My grand-daughter just turned 1yr old.My how the time flies,I' remember we were in the NICU prayin she make it this time last year.Thank GOD 4 answering our prayers.She has climb a long hill but she is on the road to recovery.Although she has several medical problems she is a trooper.To look at her you would never know.She is pullin up now and trying to talk.So yeah 4 my Piggy Nevaeh.My other sweetie are all doin' great as well they all are my pride & joy.Much love to Ty,DaDa,Jada,Pop,& Piglet.Have a bless nite scrap friends.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hangin' Out & Grit Baby

My son was around 9 on this pic he love being around my dad.I' wish he was here to see the man he is now.This layout was fun to work on it brought back so many memories.the outher layout is my grandson Montray when he was 5 months old eating some grits on my counter.He is the only baby I' ever seen eat and never chocked once.He was like a little pacman lol.I' used markers to get the blended look.