Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hello all I' am working on some new layout's today to show real soon.I' feel better than I' did the other day thank GOD. To day is Antonio's funeral may he RIP.I' been chattin' with his mom off and on.I' hate I' couldn't make it.But they are in my prayers.I' hope you will pray for them too.Okay on to a much lighter note.I' had to pull tooth and nail today.To keep from goin' to the stores with this 40% off coupons lol.It is so hard to keep from shoppin' when you have one or see a clearance sign lol.I' think scrappin' is one of the most expensive hobby around.Everyday they are comin' out with new stuff.And it's so hard not to try & buy haha.Myself I' dont really need anymore stuff till I' use some of what I' already have.I'm sure there are some of you in my shoes too.It seem like I' have brought in to the rave fad so much now.That I' haven't use 70% of my stuff.So now I' dont care what the rave is I' will still use it.For people who dont scrap alot it's the best I' think.I' like to go back and use old stuff to make my layouts diffrent.Let me know what old products you like to use.check out my videos on Youtube.

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Angie said...

Iam sorry to hear about your friend. How have you been? we are good just here. been lazy for some reason. I did work on some layouts this weekend. well girl i hope your day is good. oh can i have your address again. i know you gave it to me. Iam making my V-day cards. Iam sending you one.