Sunday, May 15, 2016

' FREE Wordart '

Here's a wordart I' made hope you like it. check back later for more a. I' will try to make some soon if I' can play catch up. Leave tips on what kind and color you like to use for scrapping.TFL


This is one of my favorite layout's of myself I' don't do too many of me for some reason. But I' have a few I've done lately. The colors are very pretty and burgundy is my favorite color. Zoom in to read the inscription on the card and layout.TFL


i' made this when I' first started scrappin'. Wow how time flies. Ty is now 16yrs old. And Nesha is turning 31yrs old in July. Oh snap I' just told how young I' am lol. Well it's cool I'm glad to be a woman of a particular age hum. I' will be adding more of my old, old layout's. I' wasn't to best or worst. And to this day I'm not either. But I' take pride in my work, and I' like it, and so do my family. That's matters the most to me, and it should to you also. I' feel all SCRAPPERS are unique in their on way. When you spend your money to make what you like. How is it anyone place to tell you how to do it if you don't ask . Or to criticize what you worked so hard on. I' seen a lot of this though out the year and to this day. But new and old Scrapper don't let that discourage you from doing what you love. Scrap to make you happy!! TFL


These are my two sons a few year ago. I' have since finish this page it's been on my pc along with others for a long time now. I' love these kits I' ordered from Oh My Craft's. I' hate she went out of business.The flowers was from QVC back when they were popular for scrapbooking. I' really miss those day,they had better kits the Hsn do now. I' like buying some things in kits, to make sure they match. If you are new to scrapping it make work for you.TFL

Brothers Scan N Cut Machine

I' finally broke down and got a scan & cut machine, I' was happy as can be. I' was kind of hesitating on getting one. Especially since I've brought three Circut's and NEVER used neither one. I' had a fear of not knowing how to use it and just never tried (crazy huh) I' know lol. I' wasn't gonna do this this time for sure.I' cranked it up about three weeks later. And this dang thing is not cutting like it suppose too wtf. I' don't know what's wrong with it. the blade is not coming out far enough. I' turned it up several times, it only scratched up my mate. And the project still didn't cut out ,only in spots ugh. I'm going to buy another blade to see if it work. I' was so upset I' didn't even try to draw with it haha. Over all I' think it is pretty cool once it work and it's easy to work with. I' just have to learn how to turn jpegs into svg files oh boy, what we do for layouts lol.TFL