Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Beautiful Girl ,PrefectLo,& Beautiful You Lo

This is apart of the other two lo's I 'did my Piglet is so cute.She was at the doctor office on some of these lo's.She dont cry when her brother stay home lol.He make her cry when he see needles.I' cant blame him though Granny is hate's shots too.

These are some layouts I' done over the weekend of my grandaughter Niya.She is one of my favorite subjects to scrap enjoy....

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Here is a peek at a haul ' I' done around the Xmas time hope you find some inspiration in it.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Here are a couple of digi layout's I' done of myself.I' rarely do pics or layouts of myself.But I' like the way this came out so much .I' hope you do too enjoy...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hello all I' am working on some new layout's today to show real soon.I' feel better than I' did the other day thank GOD. To day is Antonio's funeral may he RIP.I' been chattin' with his mom off and on.I' hate I' couldn't make it.But they are in my prayers.I' hope you will pray for them too.Okay on to a much lighter note.I' had to pull tooth and nail today.To keep from goin' to the stores with this 40% off coupons lol.It is so hard to keep from shoppin' when you have one or see a clearance sign lol.I' think scrappin' is one of the most expensive hobby around.Everyday they are comin' out with new stuff.And it's so hard not to try & buy haha.Myself I' dont really need anymore stuff till I' use some of what I' already have.I'm sure there are some of you in my shoes too.It seem like I' have brought in to the rave fad so much now.That I' haven't use 70% of my stuff.So now I' dont care what the rave is I' will still use it.For people who dont scrap alot it's the best I' think.I' like to go back and use old stuff to make my layouts diffrent.Let me know what old products you like to use.check out my videos on Youtube.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hello all today is a very sad day for me.I' got some bad news last night that one of my good friend son was killed omg.I' took the news very hard,especially knowing he was in another city when it happen.All I' could think of is who would do this.But by the grace of God he wasn't murdered.He was killed along with his girl friend in a single car crash in Las Vegas.They were killed on the Summerlin Parkway,if any of you know that area.It was a little relief but not much.but know someone didn't play God was a little easier to swallow.We have lost so many friends and family to unseen tragedies.I' don't think I' know someone who have had a family member murdered.It so bad I' have even know someone to be kidnap & murdered at the age of 16.My family have even been a victim of this cruel world on many occasions.In 2004 my youngest son was ran over an left for dead.He died on the scene by was given a second chance by God amen.I' know this has nothing to do with scrappin'.But i' would like to tell you all.Please tell your love one how much you love them.And try to mend any broken bones if you can.I' know that may be hard to do.But one day you may wish you had,and it will be too late!!!Call some one you have'nt told ever. Or in a while and let them know YOU LOVE THEM. GOODNITTE Mrs.Diva2u

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

On This Day....

Today I'm feelin' really bitchy I'm so SICK AND TIRED. Of fake so called friends backstabbing,foes and crazy family members.I' deiced today I'm not dealing with this anymore from nobody.I' am too blessed to be stressed okay.When you done all you can to get along with people.I' mean bend ova backward to help someone.And they don't respect you are acknowledge you feelings or lie on you,act like your invisible till they want something.Well it's time to call it quits.I' mean what more can you do? Especially when you done nothing wrong.I' guess maybe I' wear my heart on my sleeves to much I' dont know.But being the person I'am that's how I' love ,help & befriend people.Or should i' say how I' live my life.And I' WOULD HATE TO LIVE IT ANY OTHER WAY.