Tuesday, November 24, 2009

'Fall Layouts'

Here are some more layouts I' did of us last year.The kids were really small then,check out Lil Missy with her hand on her hip.My gs has such a cute smile on his face...I'm still doing tradition for the moment haha.Will be back to digi real soon cant wait either...

Monday, November 23, 2009

'Good Morning World'

Good morning world,how you doing!!!! Like Wendy Williams say lol.Today is such a blessed day for us all.We woke up today by the grace of GOD!!!.And as of now were still breathing AMEN!!!.I' know though out the day there may be changes we have no control of.But we put God first there is nothing we cannot tackle in or life.May GOD be with each and everyone of you as your day start or end.Let me tell you about the weekend I' had.I' had such a lovely time with some of my family.We ate hot dogs,tuna fish sandwiches ect & chicken strips and fries over the weekend.We also had ice cream and cookies among other junk food too.Yeah I' know I' know it wasn't one of our healthiest menus but hey we only live once okay lol.We don't normally eat like that,but sometime you have to live a little and let your hair down.Now I' have to watch what I' eat till 'THANKSGIVING' which is in 3 days wow.This year is going by soooo fast omg.The babies are growing up so fast,we have to make everyday count.It will soon be time to have some new members lol.I' hope my youngest son settle down soon.I'm praying for him to get a nice!!! girl not like the ones he had before haha.We I' guess you can tell by now I' didn't like the others(NO!!! I' DID NOT LOL).And on that note I'm going to leave that subject alone okay lol.Have a lovely day everyone and God bless you all.Mrs.Diva2u...xoxo


Here is Montray playing with his first pet Kitty.Some reason he thought Kitty could eat a leaf lol.Know one knew Kitty would be killed by his neighbor the next day.Has had another cat since then.But his mom gave it away ,because the cat cried alot lol.Now he has a pitbull name STINKY BUTT.Yes you heared me right lol,and she lives up to the name at times.I' will do some layouts of her later,we have some cute pics of her when she was small.This is also not a digi layout..


I' love this pic of my dgs Montray,I' took in 2008.It didn't scan that good,but it is really pretty.He is a awesome pic taker.He loves to smile and make silly faces for me to take his pics.This is not a digi lo yeah!!! lol.I' finally found a few traditional layouts to add.The chipboard on he is beautiful.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

'To Mommy'

Boy how times files,this is my stinker Piglet ,when she was real small.She barley had teeth lol.Well we have come a long way since the okay.MsThang is soooo grown now it's a shame.She has a mouth full of teeth now,and is 2yrs old,going on 22.I' love the way she was smile when I' took this pic of her.She love to make funny faces when she was a small baby.Now she keeps a mean mug on her face haha.This is another digi kit,the flowers in it are so pretty the card is ahhh so cute with the bow.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Here is a rare moment of me in a layout .I' dont usually do myself in layouts and, have only done a few.I' love how this came about.The circles are too cute,they also help hide flaws in pics if they are not perfect.

'Treasure The Moments'

This is my adorable gd Niya when she was a little baby.I' love the bows and frames on the web kit also.As you notice I'm using some of the same colors for a while.I' promise they will change soon lol.Burgandy is one of my favorite colors.Look at my little cutie on these pics aint she just the cutest.

Mrs.DIVA2U Scrapbooking:

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hello bloggers I' see you all lookin' from all over the world.Please sign in and leave me your email address.soon there will be a give a way coming to my site.I' am focus more on my site now and have a lot of new ideas coming as soon as I can.For those of you from foreign countries,I' hope to have a translator add as so as it start working to help you.I'm so glad to see you all are lookin' and I' hope you like what you see.DONT FORGET TO STOP BY AND SAY HI...


And handsome he is hehe,atleast the people who love him think so.I' love the way this came out also.My son takes some great pics un like me haha.I' deciced to do more layouts of my sons and grandson Ty.Even a few of me will be coming soon.I' love taking pics of others,I' rarely do layouts of myself.I' think I've only did three or four in all the years Ive been scrappin'.I' hope you like this page.The word (Handsome) look like a ink print or mask the little buttons are too cute to.


This is a kit that has warm beautiful colors also.I' think this pic of my oldest son DRE' was a great choice for this kit.This is a kit off the web also.you can find tons of them ,through different sites.I' don't know which site I' got them from because I' have tons of them.Check out the flourish on here the look like tradition paper flourish.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hello scrappers I' hope everyone is doing well,especially with scrappin'.I' feel so good to be back scrappin' I' have been away way too long.I' had lost my mojo for scrappin' for a while.And with things like they are today I' had to go on a budget with my scrappin ugh!!!!.I' think it was for the best anyway.OMG THAT WAS SO HAD TO ADMIT LOL.But if I' didn't get my spending under control I' would have been bankrupt on day haha.Scrapper's you know how we get right.We always have to get the latest and the greatest stuff.My problem was I' wasn't using most of it.And just trying to keep up with the fashion trend.It's been about 3mo since I last had a scrap spree.I' really had a hard time at first.I felt like a addict probally would.Then again I' was a addict to scrap buying lol.Don't get me wrong the urge is still there haha.I' make sure I' don't go to Michael's ,Hobby Lobby or Joann's.They always had something to temp me yall know what I' mean haha.Now I' just look but don't buy online,it's so much easier.I' just tell my self the shipping is to high.I' don't know how long that's gonna work okay.But for now it have been,well almost any way.I' gotta come clean,I' did order a book binder the other day.But I' promise you that all I've did.I think I' have enough stuff to last probally a lifetime for me.Because i' also digi scrap,or hybird scrap as some call it.I' wish I' knew about this style of scrappin' first.I' could have save a lot of money!!!! For those of you who are new to scrappin'.I' would highly suggest you try it first.Start by finding some free downloads on the web.Once you have the kit's they are your's to keep.Some come with a few rules,but it will tell you.And the best thing is you never run out of embellishment's or templates.Happy Scappin' Mrs.Diva2u....

Thursday, November 5, 2009


HERE IS A BEAUTY OF A KIT. I' used these kits for mylayouts,because as you can see they are awesome.The warm rich colors are just beautiful.I' love these colors so much,I' will use them again in a later design.The first one is my oldest son Dre'.He looked so nice on the pic .I' think the title speaks for it self.The second one is my grandson Ty'.He was so upset about something lol.I' do remember what,he always upset when he do have his way he will get over it lol.The third one is my ever so funny grandson I' call Buddah
sometimes his name is Montray.He always crack me up he is so silly at times.My fourth layout is both Buddah & Piglet my grandaughter with a additude all the time.They have so much love for each other.They have such a weird bond.The fifth page is my cutie pie Piglet again,she look like she was up to something as always.My last and final layout in this kit is my son Dee.i' love the title and jouraling on here,beause it came from the heart.I' hope you all like this also.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Hello ladie's for some time now I' have seen the traffic come from around the world.But there are not being any feed back or comment's being left.Well girl's I' will be doing something new this on the site real soon.I' hope it will inspire you to show some love and give some postive feed back.I' have not been working on the site much due to illness with me and my family.But I'm BACK now with a lot of new ideas and pages to show.Please support my blog so I' wont have to block it from viewing.I'm leaning toward the idea of putting together a web site soon.If you join the site you will be one of the frist to have a link to the website and maybe there will be goodies given away,you have to stay tune to find out lol.Have a great day MRSDIVA2U..