Friday, December 12, 2008


This is my daughter' NESHA' being cute..
What's happening in the 'SCRAP WORLD TODAY'

Friday, June 27, 2008

As I've Matured

As I've Matured


This is my gd Piglet



I'm so happy to be scrapping scrapping has open a lot of doors for me.Since I've been scrapping I' have met a lot of new people all around the world. And I 'v have spent more money on scrap products then I' ever on any hobby lol.I' have learn a lot about designers,products,designing and ect..At I' seen lot of talent,and that's was a benefit to enhance my talent.Also all the scrapbook shows and web sites.I' never thought I would be a digi scrapper.Frist a foemost I' had never hear of computer scrapping.i' was barely up to date with the computer at all.I' wish a millon times over ,that I' knew about digital scrapping.Before I' spent sooo much money on traditional scrap supplies.I'started to mount my digi lo's on cardstock and add extra HYBIRD SCRAPPING.Pretty soon I' gonna think I' invented this stuff lol.Let me know how you got started scrapping please...


Hello ladie's and gentalman's I' am avid scrapper who is tired of the whola on most sites.I'm looking foward to starting my own blog where people can come share their ideas and gossip lol.But frist I'have to get the hang of things on post pic lo and ect on here.Hopefully in the coming weeks we can be up and running.I' must warn you I' CANT TYPE so please bare with me.I'am currently a member of Scrapbook.Com.You can find some of my work there under the title LilScrappyMom.I'm looking foward to chatting with you all real soon.You can still leave me a message if you like.I' will answer as soon as possible.Thank you MRS.DIVA2U....