Friday, April 21, 2017


I' picked this up a couple of months ago online at rolling cart to me is way better then the one everyone rave about at Ikea & Michaels. It has a skirt for extra,extra storage. And I' think it's a better choice lol


Here are a few things I' found at Hobby Lobby. Look at the coffee, ice cream & little feet they are so pretty.I' have to pick up some more soon.This line by The Paper Studios. Check you local Sunday papers or every Sunday for discounts. I ' will try to keep you posted on when they are on sale. But incase I'm not able to you have the link.

' Picture Frames '

I' also found these two picture fames for $2.95 at Burlington.The white one has gold trimming and a whitewash look.


Look what I' found at Burlington I' am so loving these cuties. They were a reasonable price also. The large towel I' think was $7.99 and the hand towel was $2.99 the face towel was $1.99. I' turned the smaller on over so you can see the back side of them. They are very soft too.


15% OFF All Hero Arts Supplies Today!

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

'I'm still alive!!!.'

Hello ladies hope you all been fine.I' feel  so funny bloggin' now lol,it's been a min since I' blogged.And sooo much have happen since I've been gone.all kinda new product's have came out.And so many of you have joined design teams  & ect.Some of us even have new family members to scrap.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

' FREE Wordart '

Here's a wordart I' made hope you like it. check back later for more a. I' will try to make some soon if I' can play catch up. Leave tips on what kind and color you like to use for scrapping.TFL


This is one of my favorite layout's of myself I' don't do too many of me for some reason. But I' have a few I've done lately. The colors are very pretty and burgundy is my favorite color. Zoom in to read the inscription on the card and layout.TFL


i' made this when I' first started scrappin'. Wow how time flies. Ty is now 16yrs old. And Nesha is turning 31yrs old in July. Oh snap I' just told how young I' am lol. Well it's cool I'm glad to be a woman of a particular age hum. I' will be adding more of my old, old layout's. I' wasn't to best or worst. And to this day I'm not either. But I' take pride in my work, and I' like it, and so do my family. That's matters the most to me, and it should to you also. I' feel all SCRAPPERS are unique in their on way. When you spend your money to make what you like. How is it anyone place to tell you how to do it if you don't ask . Or to criticize what you worked so hard on. I' seen a lot of this though out the year and to this day. But new and old Scrapper don't let that discourage you from doing what you love. Scrap to make you happy!! TFL


These are my two sons a few year ago. I' have since finish this page it's been on my pc along with others for a long time now. I' love these kits I' ordered from Oh My Craft's. I' hate she went out of business.The flowers was from QVC back when they were popular for scrapbooking. I' really miss those day,they had better kits the Hsn do now. I' like buying some things in kits, to make sure they match. If you are new to scrapping it make work for you.TFL

Brothers Scan N Cut Machine

I' finally broke down and got a scan & cut machine, I' was happy as can be. I' was kind of hesitating on getting one. Especially since I've brought three Circut's and NEVER used neither one. I' had a fear of not knowing how to use it and just never tried (crazy huh) I' know lol. I' wasn't gonna do this this time for sure.I' cranked it up about three weeks later. And this dang thing is not cutting like it suppose too wtf. I' don't know what's wrong with it. the blade is not coming out far enough. I' turned it up several times, it only scratched up my mate. And the project still didn't cut out ,only in spots ugh. I'm going to buy another blade to see if it work. I' was so upset I' didn't even try to draw with it haha. Over all I' think it is pretty cool once it work and it's easy to work with. I' just have to learn how to turn jpegs into svg files oh boy, what we do for layouts lol.TFL

Friday, October 18, 2013

Shop Paper & Scrapbooking at

Shop Paper & Scrapbooking at
Wow I' cant belive its been over a year since I' scrap something. Battling different health issues have been relay heart for me and my family. Hopefully soon we can put this behind us.I' am so behind on my scrapworld stuff it's a shame lol.I' have so many stories to share, in my layouts. Here are some new thing I' looking at. Although they may not be new to you lol.That's one good thing I' love about my scrapping.I' can start where ever I' like,no matter where you leave off. HAPPY SCRAPPIN

Monday, February 18, 2013

New from My Minds Eye....


These are new decorative tapes from MME.These tape are the new rage now everyone is using them.I' can't wait to get my hand on some more.These colors are nice...

BlueMoon Scrapbooking: What's new!

 BlueMoon Scrapbooking: What's new!: NEW NEW click 2 see what else they have also.This is a My Minds Eye kit.It is sooo yummy they have others also just as cute.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Mom's flowers & Outing

These are my two sons Dre & Dee.Mom flower's are so pretty.We miss her so much....

Omg not again!!!

Well every time I' try to get back to bloggin' and scrappin.Here goes some bad news with my health again!!! Now I've been hit with another blow of bad news.The doctors have found a spot on my lung.I' went Thursday for a C-Scan.I' pray it is nothin'.And to add to that I' have joint disease.I' have been really tired lately with no energy.Last weekend I' spent the whole weekend in bed feeling like crap.This week have been a lil better thank God.I' did even get chance to post my Mother's Day Gift's & outing.Me and my two son's went out to eat,I' wish everyone could have been there.My daughter and her family was missing and so was Ty & Jada.We went to mom grave and put flowers on her and my aunt.Okay this week Ty had a award ceremony.He got a award for best speller YEAH!!! TYLER...Now we have to attend my grandson Montray graduation next week he will be a 1st grader next year CONGRAT'S!!! to him also.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

'Gettin my Scrap back'

I' can not wait till I' finish  my room. So I' can scrap so new layouts or finish some of the ones I' left undone.I' am so far behind on my scrappin'.I'm wornderin' if I' will catch up before my grand kids get grown lmao.I' wish I' had a scrap buddy  or a group of ladies to crop with.I' can spend half of my day shoppin' & the other half scrappin.I' just hate the fact my room is so small.And I' don't have a scrap area beside my bedroom ugh.Which by the way is taken over my room.I' have to walk sideways in here lol.If  I' didn't scrap my room would be so big and roomy lol.I'm hoping my next place be bigger to grow and buy more stuff haha wish me luck.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


O.M.G I' been gone from my blog so long I' have almost forgotten how to use is lol.Well here goes,so much have gone on in my family since I' last blogged.Let's see Ty is turnin' 12yrs on the 3rd of April yeah!!! Montray turned 6 yrs in Nov.And Shaniya just turned 5yrs on the 9th of March so congrats to her also.And lil Miss Neveah will b 2yrs in July.And oooh I' just found out last week I'm gonna be a Granny again yeah for me!!! I' also have been in touch which my other grand baby Jada she goes to school with Ty.We have a new addition to our family name Jada also is is turning 9yrs on the 29th of March.So as you can tell the kiddo's are keeping this Granny busy every chance they get lol.I'm still battling health problems that I'm so tired of ugh.I' hate it when my health keep me from scrappin' or gettin' on my pc.On my good days I' did my therapy by shopping haha.I' miss making lo's soo much I' cant wait to get back to work on my books.I' have popped on and off  facebook lately.I' have met alot of cool gals on there who are some awesome scrappers.There have been many new items come out in the last year omg I' cant keep up.But one of my fav so far are the We R Memory Keepers  Lucky 8 Punches.I' just fliped when I' recived mine yippe.So hat's off to them over there for making them.I'm also loving that Spellbinders Grand Calbur.And I' envy anyone who owns one!! Naw I'm just jokin' haha but I' cant wait to play with one soon.And all the new lines of paper and the new bling  is to die for.I' have some videos to post of all the goodies I' have found.Ahh to blog again feels so good lol.Have a great day everyone.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


HELLO WORLD!! Hello everyone or anyone out there.I' m tryin to make a comeback to the blogworld.I've been gone sooo long it feels weird bloggin' now lol.I' really miss my blog friends and sharing and peekin at ur's lol.I' have made several layouts lately.That I' cant wait to share,I' hope you like them.And give me some feedback,all in the same order haha.I' have brought a lot of new goodies also.I' have some pics and video of them also.I' CANT wait to get back to bloggin' regular.I' have purchase a new laptop so I' can lay in bed and scrap when I'm in swollen & in discomfort.But I' still swell up and now my neck hurts using the laptop too long omg what 's next lol.I'm also in the process of transferring my stuff over to my lap from desk.Which is takin' 4 ever,I' didn't realize how much digital scrap stuff I' have omg.I' have to go back to websites and redownload kit's I' have purchase.Some kits are so large they take so long to download.I' have slowed down on buyin 4 a while.I' have ran out of room in my cubical of a bedroom.I'm in the process of moving soon.I' will redo my scrap area then with jet max's or ect.I' pray I' can have a scraproom.Or a bigger place to have a scrap area,wish me luck yall.My grand-daughter just turned 1yr old.My how the time flies,I' remember we were in the NICU prayin she make it this time last year.Thank GOD 4 answering our prayers.She has climb a long hill but she is on the road to recovery.Although she has several medical problems she is a trooper.To look at her you would never know.She is pullin up now and trying to talk.So yeah 4 my Piggy Nevaeh.My other sweetie are all doin' great as well they all are my pride & joy.Much love to Ty,DaDa,Jada,Pop,& Piglet.Have a bless nite scrap friends.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hangin' Out & Grit Baby

My son was around 9 on this pic he love being around my dad.I' wish he was here to see the man he is now.This layout was fun to work on it brought back so many memories.the outher layout is my grandson Montray when he was 5 months old eating some grits on my counter.He is the only baby I' ever seen eat and never chocked once.He was like a little pacman lol.I' used markers to get the blended look.

Monday, December 13, 2010

My gk have really grown up wow. And we even had a new addition 4years ago. This was them last Easter. I' haven't  received  the pics for this year yet. I' can't wait to scrap them, and these too. I've been so busy I've truly neglected my blogs and scrapping. But better days are ahead. I' see most people don't leave comments anymore (boo-hoo). But I' see on my blog dashboard some of you are still coming by. Thanks for all the looks, I' wish you would comment so I' can get some feedback. I've been on Instagram,Facebook,& Pinterest for some time now. And I'm deciding to eliminate some of my websites. I' have way too many to keep up with now. I' have several blogs that will be the first to go. But this is my first on my (BABY) and I'm keeping it. There will be some changes to the site. I' will be showing scrapbooking products, and the stores I've purchased them from. Other household things,Planner goodies I' find and stores that have great sales going on. I' will be adding these things as soon as I' can. So stay tune and I' hope you enjoy. Mrs.Diva2u

Thursday, December 2, 2010

'Dady Little Helper'

Tyler had just turned 1yr on here.This was his second Easter on earth.He use to love yaping on the phone when he was a baby.And not much has change since he is 10 yr old now.To enhance this layout I' used markers, & rubons,stickers,embossing ect..

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

'Baby Phat Diva'

I' made these layouts from one of my many online downloads.This is my daughter I' was so lucky to found a beautiful kit to match her clothes.And most of all her personality lol.I' really like how these came out.Thanks' for looking

Saturday, July 24, 2010

'Our New Love'

Here is my new Pumkin her name is Nevaeh.She was born on Tuesday 7/20/10.She was 4lb & 4oz & 17inches long.She is our miracle baby,her & my daughter almost not made it.But by the grace of God they are okay and here.The baby is doing better as of yesterday.She has been moved to a new room & is trying to drink from a bottle.Her Iv has been removed.And she has yellow jaundice.She is still very week & her lungs is underdeveloped.This is normal for a premmie baby.She is sooo beautiful.I'fell in love with her at first sight.I' have one more to love and spoil.She was in the same room as her big sister Shaniya was 3yrs ago.She was even in the same spot lol,how cool was that.As a scrapper you know that's a page in the makin' haha.This is a happy chapter in our family.Considering we just had another tradgey in our family.Please keep us in your prayers.Mrs.Diva2u