Sunday, March 28, 2010


Hello Angie,Bridgette & Kay,I' wanna thank you all for stop by and being a friend when I' really need one lol. I'm trying to kill all these birds with one stone haha.Well last time I' posted I' been I' got sick for a while again omg.Well I'm finally getting a lot better.But during my illness the doctor found a mass in my neck on the right side.They well shock and scratching their heads because they wasn't looking for it.And they say I' wouldn't have felt it or neither would they in a normal check up.And the craziest thing is my neck don't even hurt on that side or never did.And they still cant find out why the left side gave me so much pain.they said it was a good thing I' had pain and they ordered a CAT SCAN or it wouldn't have been found.I' called it the GRACE OF GOD!!!!.I' have ween down on the meds lately thank GOD.I' will go for a MRI next month and a biopsy.I' was in tears when they first told me they found something.Then it was like they were washed away and haven't returned.I' feel okay for now and have put it in the Lord hands.Thanks for the prays they do work in numbers.God Bless you and your family Mrs.Diva smooches.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Gettin' Well

Hello friends,sorry I' have'nt been only in a long while.I' have been sooooo very sick lately.I' have a abcess on my gum which have several tooth hurting at one time O.M.G the dam pain.My blood pressure have been in the stroke level for a while.And the abcess got infected in my blood stream I' belive.I' have a gland in my neck that is swollen from the abcess.So you know scrappin' was the last thing on my mind lol.I' miss chatting with you all so very much.So as soon as I' get a little strong I'll be back to see what you all been up too.Thank YOU all who have been stoping by.God is blessing me right now.And with his mercy and loving arms I' will be well soon.My he keep blessing you all too MrsDiva2u....smooches..