Monday, December 13, 2010

My gk have really grown up wow. And we even had a new addition 4years ago. This was them last Easter. I' haven't  received  the pics for this year yet. I' can't wait to scrap them, and these too. I've been so busy I've truly neglected my blogs and scrapping. But better days are ahead. I' see most people don't leave comments anymore (boo-hoo). But I' see on my blog dashboard some of you are still coming by. Thanks for all the looks, I' wish you would comment so I' can get some feedback. I've been on Instagram,Facebook,& Pinterest for some time now. And I'm deciding to eliminate some of my websites. I' have way too many to keep up with now. I' have several blogs that will be the first to go. But this is my first on my (BABY) and I'm keeping it. There will be some changes to the site. I' will be showing scrapbooking products, and the stores I've purchased them from. Other household things,Planner goodies I' find and stores that have great sales going on. I' will be adding these things as soon as I' can. So stay tune and I' hope you enjoy. Mrs.Diva2u

Thursday, December 2, 2010

'Dady Little Helper'

Tyler had just turned 1yr on here.This was his second Easter on earth.He use to love yaping on the phone when he was a baby.And not much has change since he is 10 yr old now.To enhance this layout I' used markers, & rubons,stickers,embossing ect..

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

'Baby Phat Diva'

I' made these layouts from one of my many online downloads.This is my daughter I' was so lucky to found a beautiful kit to match her clothes.And most of all her personality lol.I' really like how these came out.Thanks' for looking

Saturday, July 24, 2010

'Our New Love'

Here is my new Pumkin her name is Nevaeh.She was born on Tuesday 7/20/10.She was 4lb & 4oz & 17inches long.She is our miracle baby,her & my daughter almost not made it.But by the grace of God they are okay and here.The baby is doing better as of yesterday.She has been moved to a new room & is trying to drink from a bottle.Her Iv has been removed.And she has yellow jaundice.She is still very week & her lungs is underdeveloped.This is normal for a premmie baby.She is sooo beautiful.I'fell in love with her at first sight.I' have one more to love and spoil.She was in the same room as her big sister Shaniya was 3yrs ago.She was even in the same spot lol,how cool was that.As a scrapper you know that's a page in the makin' haha.This is a happy chapter in our family.Considering we just had another tradgey in our family.Please keep us in your prayers.Mrs.Diva2u

Monday, June 28, 2010

'In To My World'

'Heaven Sent'

Here is my granddaughter when she was about 4 or 5 months old.This is a Internet kit.You can download them free from different web sites for free most of them.Thank's for the view...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

'Giggle Bear'

My grandaughter makes me so happy to be her Granny.She was such a sweetie when she was born.And now that she's 3 she is still a blessing.But she is a hand full lol.Omg she can really rock our world haha.She was so fat after 3mo I' could'nt tote her.Thank God she has slender off some now.Thank's for the view..

Saturday, May 29, 2010

' My Barnyard Babies'

Here are some of my lil farm animals lol.My grandaughter looked just like a fat pig lol,when she was a baby.She was so dang fat with plenty of rolls,her brother also.My cousins little ones are in the layout with my grandson Tyler.They are Ke'Shaunna on the top.And Lillian onthe far left side.We love to show the kids special attention at any cost.Thank's for tha view.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

'My Family'

Here is a glance at my family.My Grandma was the rock in our family.We come from a strong line of women in our family.Where mostly the head of the family.Even if there are men in the house lol.We are bossy ,selfish and have a take charge attitude about our self (Sometimes) lol.Hey it's only when we need to be in control Uncle David wecall him L.D,under his picture is my cousin Taunya,She is Uncle Booby's daughter the younge'st brother.Next to her is me and cousin Pamela when she was a baby.Lol look at you Pam,she how tiny you were.Kathy is in the other top pic.She is aunt Katy Lee grandaughter the younge'st sister.Mom is in the other pic with my daughter Nesha when she was a baby.We had come to Houston for a vist,and was gettin' ready to leave.I' hope you all like this.Mrs.Diva2u


This is a layout of my big sis Geraldine Lewis Evins.My sis have pass on to be with the Lord in Oct,1998.She had no kids but she love mine like her own.I'wish she was here to see their kids now,she would be so happy.We miss he soooo much my daughter has a lot of her ways.Sometimes she sound just like her.Thank's for the view.RIP Sis.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


This is a layout I' did of my cousin Joesph's daughter La'Rencia she is 3yrs old now.Check out those pouted lips on her lol.If that and to cute,what is.I' hear she is a hand full,by the look on her face I' bet se is.Thank's for the view.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Layout's For May...

Here are a few layouts I' done for May.I'am slowly getting back to work.These are some internet kits I've use I' hope you like them..

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

'My Flowers I' Picked'

I' love doing lo's of my grandkids.Have them is always a peice of work in progress.This kit is a internet download.I' dont remember the name of the kits I' use anymore.I' have soooooo many downloads it's hard to keep up.I'm sure its one from one of the most popular sites.I' use them daily so you will have to find it there if you like it.I' love the flowers and the tones of off white in it.This is the digital part of my lo.I' will Hybird them when I' put them in my books.Buy using cardstock,stickers and rubons & ect.Thanks'For The View.Mrs.Diva2u...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

'Update on Murder'

Suicide leads to homicide being cleared
Police: Rodney L. Terrell shoots girlfriend, later self.
By Loresha Wilson and Kelsey McKinney • The Times • April 23, 2010

Comments(21)RecommendPrint this page E-mail this article Share Facebook Digg Reddit Newsvine Buzz up!
Twitter FarkIt Type Size A A A The discovery Thursday night of a man who fatally shot himself in the head led to him being exceptionally cleared as the shooter in the homicide of his ex-girlfriend that morning, according to Shreveport police.

About 5 a.m., Rodney L. Terrell, 29, fired at least three shots through Sherika Pratt's front door about 5 a.m., killing her but leaving her two children, ages 1 and 3, unharmed, police said. Neighbors reportedly heard the gunshots and then loud screaming.
"Oh, no — my baby, my baby," Beverly Pratt said as she watched her daughter being put into the coroner's van at the Coventry Apartments, located in the 4500 block of North Market Street. "Lord, please help me, please. They killed my child. Why did they kill her?"
Beverly Pratt immediately believed Terrell, who is the father of her youngest grandchild, was responsible.
Hours after the shooting, Terrell was named as the key suspect and that evening, as police searched for him on a charge of second-degree murder, a citizen reported finding a man slumped over in the driver's seat of a blue Cadillac parked outside the Plantation Inn in the 4900 block of Greenwood Road.
Police determined it was Terrell and are calling his death a suicide. Crime scene investigators matched the shoes he was wearing to shoe prints discovered at the crime scene at the Coventry Place Apartments, according to a Police Department news release.
Just two weeks prior, Terrell broke into the apartment and waited for Sherika Pratt to return home, Beverly Pratt said.
"He broke in through the back window, and when she came home, he beat her and cut up her furniture and the kids' mattresses. She had stitches and bruises from that. Police should have got him then."
Jim Taliaferro, police spokesman, said Terrell was the subject of "several previous reports of battery on the victim" and that he had two active warrants through the Police Department that involve Sherika Pratt.
"Sherika was one of the kindest, sweetest people you ever want to meet," Albert Gober said of his daughter. "She was getting her life together. She worked hard, took care of her kids and visited her parents. She seemed to be on the right track."
Now, her two children, one of whom has no living parent, are staying with their grandparents.
Sherika Pratt is Shreveport's 11th homicide victim this year.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Police searching for suspect in homicide | | Shreveport Times

Police searching for suspect in homicide | | Shreveport Times

My heart is so heavy once again.One of my very best friends has lost her youngest daughter to a cruel act of violence.This monster also took his on life today.My heart goes out to her and the whole family of both kids.Not only did he damage our life.But he damage his on family too.I'am so tired of things like this happen around the world.Just last week one of my daughter's friends lost two of her cousins.They were to first cousins who got burned up after they were killed by the mother's boyfriend.He sat the mother's car on fire also a week before the murders.They were both in high school in Baytown Texas apart of Houston.they were buried today.We have had so many case of family killing family and kids getting killed by the parents is ashame.America we need to be in constant prayer for this world.for those of use who belive in it.America it is not only on the news or in other people homes anymore.It is in our own home and backyard now.And for me it' is scary as hell.America please pray for my friend for the lost of her daughter.Thank You & God Bless.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Here are a few l've done of my gs's & son acting a nut around the house.This a job for them,they love to cut up every chance the get..