Monday, December 13, 2010

My gk have really grown up wow. And we even had a new addition 4years ago. This was them last Easter. I' haven't  received  the pics for this year yet. I' can't wait to scrap them, and these too. I've been so busy I've truly neglected my blogs and scrapping. But better days are ahead. I' see most people don't leave comments anymore (boo-hoo). But I' see on my blog dashboard some of you are still coming by. Thanks for all the looks, I' wish you would comment so I' can get some feedback. I've been on Instagram,Facebook,& Pinterest for some time now. And I'm deciding to eliminate some of my websites. I' have way too many to keep up with now. I' have several blogs that will be the first to go. But this is my first on my (BABY) and I'm keeping it. There will be some changes to the site. I' will be showing scrapbooking products, and the stores I've purchased them from. Other household things,Planner goodies I' find and stores that have great sales going on. I' will be adding these things as soon as I' can. So stay tune and I' hope you enjoy. Mrs.Diva2u

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