Saturday, May 22, 2010

'My Family'

Here is a glance at my family.My Grandma was the rock in our family.We come from a strong line of women in our family.Where mostly the head of the family.Even if there are men in the house lol.We are bossy ,selfish and have a take charge attitude about our self (Sometimes) lol.Hey it's only when we need to be in control Uncle David wecall him L.D,under his picture is my cousin Taunya,She is Uncle Booby's daughter the younge'st brother.Next to her is me and cousin Pamela when she was a baby.Lol look at you Pam,she how tiny you were.Kathy is in the other top pic.She is aunt Katy Lee grandaughter the younge'st sister.Mom is in the other pic with my daughter Nesha when she was a baby.We had come to Houston for a vist,and was gettin' ready to leave.I' hope you all like this.Mrs.Diva2u


Anonymous said...

Wow these are er nice.Love your work

Angie said...

Hey von. Great pages. They are nice. Well just wanted to say hello. the little one is crying already. did'nt give me much time. have a good day and i'll talk to you later!


~BridgetL~ said...

wonderful pages Von. I really like your lil barnyard babies. They are such cuties :)