Monday, November 23, 2009

'Good Morning World'

Good morning world,how you doing!!!! Like Wendy Williams say lol.Today is such a blessed day for us all.We woke up today by the grace of GOD!!!.And as of now were still breathing AMEN!!!.I' know though out the day there may be changes we have no control of.But we put God first there is nothing we cannot tackle in or life.May GOD be with each and everyone of you as your day start or end.Let me tell you about the weekend I' had.I' had such a lovely time with some of my family.We ate hot dogs,tuna fish sandwiches ect & chicken strips and fries over the weekend.We also had ice cream and cookies among other junk food too.Yeah I' know I' know it wasn't one of our healthiest menus but hey we only live once okay lol.We don't normally eat like that,but sometime you have to live a little and let your hair down.Now I' have to watch what I' eat till 'THANKSGIVING' which is in 3 days wow.This year is going by soooo fast omg.The babies are growing up so fast,we have to make everyday count.It will soon be time to have some new members lol.I' hope my youngest son settle down soon.I'm praying for him to get a nice!!! girl not like the ones he had before haha.We I' guess you can tell by now I' didn't like the others(NO!!! I' DID NOT LOL).And on that note I'm going to leave that subject alone okay lol.Have a lovely day everyone and God bless you all.Mrs.Diva2u...xoxo

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