Thursday, November 5, 2009


HERE IS A BEAUTY OF A KIT. I' used these kits for mylayouts,because as you can see they are awesome.The warm rich colors are just beautiful.I' love these colors so much,I' will use them again in a later design.The first one is my oldest son Dre'.He looked so nice on the pic .I' think the title speaks for it self.The second one is my grandson Ty'.He was so upset about something lol.I' do remember what,he always upset when he do have his way he will get over it lol.The third one is my ever so funny grandson I' call Buddah
sometimes his name is Montray.He always crack me up he is so silly at times.My fourth layout is both Buddah & Piglet my grandaughter with a additude all the time.They have so much love for each other.They have such a weird bond.The fifth page is my cutie pie Piglet again,she look like she was up to something as always.My last and final layout in this kit is my son Dee.i' love the title and jouraling on here,beause it came from the heart.I' hope you all like this also.

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Monique said...

These are awesome! I love the colors so rich and beautiful. You sure can post them on the Mocha site!!