Tuesday, March 27, 2012

'Gettin my Scrap back'

I' can not wait till I' finish  my room. So I' can scrap so new layouts or finish some of the ones I' left undone.I' am so far behind on my scrappin'.I'm wornderin' if I' will catch up before my grand kids get grown lmao.I' wish I' had a scrap buddy  or a group of ladies to crop with.I' can spend half of my day shoppin' & the other half scrappin.I' just hate the fact my room is so small.And I' don't have a scrap area beside my bedroom ugh.Which by the way is taken over my room.I' have to walk sideways in here lol.If  I' didn't scrap my room would be so big and roomy lol.I'm hoping my next place be bigger to grow and buy more stuff haha wish me luck.

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Tamika said...

Hey Von, good luck! It is so much nicer scrapping when everything is in its place. I can't wait to see the pictures.