Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hello friends I uploaded my first video on here yesterday yeah!!I' know you don't think it's a big deal lol.But to me it is haha,I'm not real good with the COMPUTER.So for me it's a great big deal okay haha..I' don't know if it's me or my computer but it's hard doing videos.IT seem to take forever heck maybe it's me.I' hate to wait too long for anything.I'm gonna try and do another on in a few so wish me luck.I' have to get better with this!!! I' hate to let something bet me(crazy huh) I' know.I' wanna show yall some of the goodies I' been finding.I' send more time buying then I' do scrappin'.I' really have to get on the ball and start scrappin'.If I'm not shopping i' organizing my stuff omg.I' have truly ran out of space.And they keep making new product's everyday.Okay so what are we to do Scrappers.I'mean they get us good knowing we are greedy lol.And cant refuse a pretty piece of paper or any new best,or better product.Heck they play us so good,we will buy the same product in big or small.For instant look at the Circut.Okay most of us had one all ready.But we couldn't wait to buy the big one as soon as it came out haha.I' know first hand because I' was one who did it hehe.And what makes my case sad is I' never used either yet.I' got the small one 2yrs ago.And the big on about 6mo ago now.I' will use them as so as I get more cartridges for them.I' don't wanna play unless I' have a lot of toys.This is not the only toy I'have and never used either.I' have the Cuttlebug,CURVY CUTTER just to name a few.I'do plan on working with my Cuttle bug soon.I' just got some extras for it.So tell me it I'm ALONE in this.Have a great Scrappy Day.Mrs.Diva2u

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