Thursday, December 31, 2009

'HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

Hello all sorry I've been missing in action.Well to start off I' was sick for a long time.Thank good I'm better now.And I've had some family issues that I' don't care to mention.But hopefully a new year will bring about a change.And we will have a better life in 2010.I' all ready got some good news I'm about to burst with.I' cant share it now but hopefully soon,I' can spill it lol.I' just went on a shopping frenzy or a haul as some call it.I' personally hate that word lol.I' rather say frenzy or spree,goodie find ect,anything but haul lol.I'm in the process of making a video so you can see my great bargins.But I' do have some pics of some of the stuff I' bought.I' will post some of the today.I' am on my way back to scrapping real soon.It's been a second since I've scrapped,and I' don't want my mojo to totally disappear lol.Plus I' got so many new goodies I' wanna play with OMG!!!!.Y'all I'M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW I'M JUST A GRINNING FROM EAR 2EAR.God has been so good to us,lately we have been having soooo many good blessings.We thank GOD for all and everything he has done for us.My B-Day was New Year's Eve',I' had such a good time hanging out with my girls.My daughter took me to the mall and brought me to the mall.Ya know Victoria had to tell us a secret right ha ha.We shop in their and Bath & Body Work.I' took a pic of the goodies I' came out with lol.I' really enjoyed my girls today,we hadn't hung out in a while.Ladies if you haven't caught the sales I' hope you check the out soon.They had some heck of a sales in both.I' love the Rapture for women & Seduction OMG it is tha best.And from BBW the Japanese Cherry Blossom & Warm Vanilla.My daughter also got the Japanese Cherry.She had the whole cutting up,it smelled so good.I' will post the pic tomorrow Happy New Year!!!!!! Smooches Diva...

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