Sunday, September 6, 2009

'My Playlist'

Okay ladies and gent's if your wondering about my playlist lol.Well it is my jumpin' jumpin' music okay!!! It' helps me focus when I'm scrappin'.I' love R&B,Blue & some Rap also Screw Music.For those of you who dont know what screw music is it's any song broke down in slow motion and scratch with a beat.My boi D.J Screw.and his crew at Swishahose owned by Lil James.They started th screw music back in the late 80' & early 90s.D.J Screw was died back in the mid 90s.So if you tune in to my page you will get a mixture it.Dont judge me by the music I' love.I' wont judge you by your's lol.I' hope you love my style of music.And support my hometown stars.I' know I'will!!!!!!!!!!!.From time to time you may see layouts of some of them.For those of you who follow me you have already.I've done one of Big Moe,Hurricane Chris,Pimp C & Big H.A.W.K.Thank's to all you who vote for them.Diva2u...

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